Winter garden

The winter garden is well under way. I planted a bunch of winter heirloom seeds about mid-May. I cleared out the last of the summer veggies a few weeks prior and carbonated the soil. All ready for the winter crop I transplanted my rhubarb crowns, they were becoming a little crowded where they were and needed breaking up. Planted from seed (from Diggers which Dad got through his subscription you bought him) is spinach, snow peas, broccoli, wombok & broad beans. Cloves of garlic went in as well as leek seedlings.

Everything seems to be taking off nicely so far. We have had some unusually warm weather over the last week, which I think has helped move things along. However, it has been very dry. The spinach is ready to pick and should keep thriving. The snow peas shouldn’t be far off flowering. The trick is going to be keeping the caterpillars off the broccoli.

I’ve just been up at Dad’s to thin out his onion and beetroot seedlings while he’s away. I tell you what, that was a tedious job. I deserve a bag of onions after doing that!


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