Window Sill Pots

Window sill pots

I’m trying to trick these little seeds into thinking it’s spring from the inside. It worked last year. I planted over 100 seeds to make little herb pots for table decorations at our wedding. This year I’m working on a smaller scale for our kitchen garden. Three pots, I think, will do us! We have more hardy herbs in the garden. This time I’m coaxing basil, sage & oregano along to be great things. Once they’re big and strong I can introduce them to the elements, but until then they’ll stay in the comfy environs of the central heated kitchen window sill.

Use good quality soil, such as a terracotta pot mix, and place behind a window that gets a lot of sun, preferably a north facing window. Plant the seeds according to planting instructions of the packet. Basil, coriander, sage, oregano, thyme, chives, dill and parsley should all grow well.

I can’t wait to see these little beauties come up…more than watching food I LOVE to watch seeds grow into seedlings.

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