The beginning of a BIG adventure

So, I’ve had a crazy idea brewing for a while. That is, to take my baking to the West Gippsland public at market. Since living in Warragul it has been difficult to find good bread (with the exception of our local green grocer which brings in artisan bread from Western Victoria a few times a week) and good croissants. I suppose that’s what’s kept me baking my own bread. I started the croissant journey because I wanted to have croissants at our wedding brunch and stupidly thought it would be a good idea to make them myself. Worth it in the end, they received rave reviews. The next idea was to spread the love a little further and sell them at local markets. That’s not so crazy, except I also have a full-time job and croissants are very time-consuming to make. I purchased my industrial size mixer earlier this year which spurred the crazy idea along even more. Next thing I had my kitchen approved by local council to operate commercially 2 days a week. All of a sudden, it’s coming a reality, I’m really doing this!

Let’s just see how it goes. It could be great…it could be a flop! But, I’ll never know until I give it a go. My husband will just be happy for me to get this idea out of the system! I’ve had a few practice runs, trialling different combinations. I’ve had a macaron and a macaron success and think I’ve got it all sorted. Work colleagues, friends and family are loving the samples! I have even had a few orders all before my market doors open. My boss told me not to quit my day job, then promptly put in an order for 3 dozen croissants. Does that mean I’m good at my day job and at croissants?!

I’m excited that in the beginning I’ll be selling croissants, almond croissants, pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants), macarons, canale and gingerbread. Hopefully something for everyone…unless you don’t like sugar and/or butter, but that can’t be too many people, right?!
market collage
I’ll be at market under the Croissants & banner, because that’s what I’ll have…croissants & and other treats. But, before market day all I need to do is find a suitable tent/shelter to operate under on market day and pick my first market. I think it will be either Jindivick on Sept 7th or Rokeby on Sept 14th. Stay tuned and come and pay a visit, I’d love to see you there!

To market, to market, we’re almost there!

If you think your friends will enjoy a day out in beautiful West Gippsland invite them to like “Something For Pudding” and they’ll be kept up to date with where I’ll be.


4 thoughts on “The beginning of a BIG adventure

  1. Julie

    Dear Meg,

    This sounds like an awesome idea, would be wonderful if you could make a weekly run up to the Canberra markets…. however, I am concerned about the family succession planning, I thought I was finally off the hook there….



  2. Julie

    I just bought your croissants and macarons from Lean and Green and they are beautiful! So glad you are making them. Its so wonderful to have local people making such lovely things. I love to make them but they are sooo time consuming! If you ever want to play with fire, I have a lovely wood fired oven that makes divine bread…love to see how croissants go!! Keep up the amazing cooking and thanks for following your passion!

  3. Belinda

    Congratulations on starting your big adventure! Your croissants are amazing and I’m sure that those who are privileged enough to try them will agree!

    It sounds like a day trip when you’re at a market is in order :)

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