First day success!

Today I had my first retail experience. After approaching my local green grocer, Lean & Green, they agreed to trial some of my goodies. The order consisted of 20 croissants, 5 almond croissants, 5 pain au chocolat, 8 half dozen packets of macaron & 6 caneles. After getting up at 5am I had everything to them just after 8am. When I popped in to get some veggies for dinner at 3pm all that was left was 2 packets of macarons and a few croissant crumbs!

Not bad for the first day of trade! They are keen for another order next Friday (with an increase in pain au chocolat numbers) and we hope to be at the Rokeby market next weekend. Will keep you all posted via facebook if we get confirmation (fingers crossed).

3 thoughts on “First day success!

  1. LGillett

    Hi Meg,
    I managed to get my hands on one of your lovely croissants on friday from Lean and Green- it is fantastic to see such a lovely product being made locally- i have been spreading the word around warragul! I was admiring your logo on the paper bag packaging- could you please let me know if you had this designed by a local designer, or who helped you with this?
    Many thanks

  2. Rachel

    Hi Meg,
    I purchased a Pain Au Chocolat this morning at the Rokeby market, and after devouring it with a cup of tea I couldn’t resist to jump on here and tell you how truly magical it was.
    Thank-you for bringing such a beautiful product to Warragul; I will be enjoying your blog and croissants regularly!

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